~ It’s a Dooney December!

WELL, Dooney and Bourke have a lot of purses I don’t like . . . mostly because they are so chunky and the zippers are so hard to open on a lot of them.  BUT I do like some of them, and I got myself the red tartan bag, which is SO Christmas-ey and SO festive, but I can only wear that bag with certain outfits since it’s a pattern.

Birthday gift #2 (also early) from my mom was Dooney that I can wear anytime, spring, summer, with Jeans.  Whee!  Its super cute too!

I love the details, especially the multi-coloured zipper

This makes me think we should all have a year of purses . . . JS January, Fendi February, Michael Kors March, etc.  haha . . . if only there were enough sales, bigger closets . . .  😛

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