~ Cleaning up the Address Book

There’s something special about getting a letter, a card, a well thought out package in the mail, and I have Always loved sending and receiving things by post.

Every year, I send out Christmas cards, and every year, it seems like less people do, which is fine, but my list has been narrowed down a lot over the years as well.

Like spring cleaning, I like to do a “winter cleaning” of my address book. Remove duplicates, merge couples, add random e-mails that belong to an existing contact, etc.

Well, this year I took my 900 something contacts, and got them down to 882, and I’m sure I could clean up a bit more, but good enough for now.

What I’m most happy about is my ‘Christmas Card List’ Group, which will make it easier each year to figure out how many cards I want to send out, and I can add people to that list gradually instead of going through my ever-growing contact list each year.  I can also look through the much smaller list and weed out people that we don’t keep in touch with as much.

Our Christmas cards should be in the mail towards the end of the week, so check your mailboxes for a lil’ piece of cheer and happy from us!

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