~ Last Weekend In Wilmington

IMG_2522Last weekend, Gary and I went to Wilmington with my parents.  It had been a long time since they had visiting Wilmington – usually Atlantic beach is the destination.

Last time Gary and I went, we ate at the Oceanic and Elija’s which is becoming our Wilmington Staples, as well as Kilwin’s Ice Cream and Fudge Shop 🙂  We went to both for lunches, and our hotel had a microwave and refridge, so we had dinners at the hotel (including s’mores!)

One of the days we wandered about the streets looking at shops and popping in antique shops.  At one of them, we were caught in the rain for about 10 minutes which worked out well since we perused a little longer and found something for Gary’s office.

We learned a bit about the history in the two tours we took.  The 45 minute boat ride – though to be honest, I didn’t learn much from because I slept through 90%  of it on Sunday –haha . . . what!?  I was tired 😛

The other tour was the horse drawn carriage tour.  Before deciding upon the tour, I was happy to hear that they were rescued from going to glue factory or some other life-ending . . .  They work one week out of the month, and have two homes.  One in town, and one in the country where they run around.  They also have shifts, and pull much less than they are capable of.  The actual tour (#2 of 7) was about 30 minutes long and we learned a little of the restaurants, shops, and the sites.

We toured one house – The Latimer House.  We were lucky to have the director give the tour since one of the volunteers couldn’t make it that day – I’m sure we learned more from her than the usual tour.

We also visited a Serpentarium, which I will post separately about which was more interesting than any of us thought it would be.

We visited Wrightsville beach a couple times, swam in the pool, and relaxed in the hot tub.

Overall it was a nice trip with great weather.

coast guard shipcoast guard ship view on on our boat tour

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