~ My New Friend

When did the cold whoosh in?  I think it was Monday . . . yes, Monday . . . and Tuesday, and then Wednesday.  I even had to break out a jacket this morning.  Maybe it’s just a temporary thing.  No, I remember last year when the fair was here it was cold *pfft*

October seems to be when the cold arrives here in my part of North Carolina.  Love/hate relationship where it would be great if we could have story book days of roasting marshmallows by the fire, drinking hot cocoa, snuggling by a fire, and reading to ones hearts content (or in our case, playing Aion).  I do like the cold sometimes.  I like playing tennis in the cold . . . I can play as long as I like without feeling like I can’t breathe in the humidity.  I like wearing my sweaters for a few days.  Um, I’m sure there are a few other things I like about the cold that I just can’t think of at the moment . . .

I do though have a new “friend” . . . my car’s seat warmers!  Gary has had them in his car, and they are new to me this season.

First get in the car and sit down . . . brrrr

turn the seat warmer on HI . . .

after afew minutes pass and aaaaaaah warmth without the dryness of hot air . . .

a few more minutes pass, my lower back is warmed and comforted . . .

yet a few more minutes pass . . .

it’s getting pretty warm with the help of the car heater . . . set it now to LOW

Oh person who invented the car seat warmers (or as Gary calls them a$$ warmers 🙂 my butt and I thank you.


seat warmer

One thought on “~ My New Friend

  1. Stephanie Fabricius says:

    Totally agree! We have those in the Pilot – love them … except when Erich accidentally turns them on in the summer.

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