~ The Key To My . . . ?

Last weekend Gary and I celebrated my mom’s birthday, and one of the things we did was go to the local fairgrounds where they have people set up with booths, and we looked mostly at the antiques.  Passing by one booth, this small key caught my fancy, and for $2 (originally $3, though I only had two, one dollar bills and asked if I could have it for $2 . . . and it was smaller than the other keys in that tray:) )

I just love the shape, the size, the end of the key that almost looks like a heart, the engraving ‘b4’ on it . . .

I know exactly what I am going to do with a key that doesn’t fit anything I know of . . . thoughts?  guesses?

I’ll post a photo later . . . I am going to acquire the other half of the puzzle today 😛


2 thoughts on “~ The Key To My . . . ?

  1. Stephanie Fabricius says:

    Hmm, you could get a vault, change the lock to fit the key, and put a particular North Carolina Seal in it. Then hide the key 🙂

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