~ Blackberry ‘Page Up’ Shortcut

So, I forgot I can post updates from my blackberry, but prolly because I like posting photos and that doesn’t work so well here for a few reasons . . . ANYWAY

I am super stoked that I found a way to “page up” faster with the shortcut 🙂

If you’re looking at tons of e-mails, web pages etc, you can “page down” by hitting the space bar, which I knew how to do, and it works like that on most PC’s -but- If you want to “page up” quickly, press down the caps button (aA with the arrow above it) and hit the space bar and it does the opposite and pages up.

Woohoo! This is going to save a ton of scrolling through stuff I don’t need to read 😀

One more thing . . . if you are at the bottom of a web page and want to get to the top . . . instead of page up, page up, page up, you can just press the letter ‘T’ button and it brings you to the top or ‘B’ to get to the very bottom.

sweeeeet.  i ❤ shortcuts!

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