~ From Atlanta

puppy Gary was in Atlanta overnight, and while that isn’t a long time, if you have kept up with the blog, you may remember other trips Gary went on . . .

I don’t know exactly when it started, but every new place he travels to, he brings back a small stuffed animal with the name of the state, or city he has visited without me.

Here’s the cute soft little blue with purple puppy an he’s wearing a white collar, red tie, quite a proper lil’ puppy.

We’re gonna have so many stuffed animals for our kids -haha

One thought on “~ From Atlanta

  1. Stephanie Fabricius says:

    Cute! You mean a lot of stuffed animals for Gus – that’s who the kids will ‘feed’ them to when you aren’t watching! Kaitlyn tries to feed Jazz all sorts of her toys. Then, she takes Jazz’s bones. Barter?

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