~ Experimenting with New Methods of Visual Entertainment

When it comes to photography, I can see a shot, a vision in my head or I can see it while I’m in the process of creating a beautiful image or setting up or capturing a story.

Design, like computer graphics on the other hand is not something I can see in my head like other talented graphics and animation artists do (which is probably why my once dream of becoming an animation artist for cinema wore off 😛 on top of the other reasons like burnout, moving to CA or NY, etc., etc.)

I’m more “I know it when I see it” and “I have to play around with it before I know that I’ll like it”.  Other art forms I can appreciate and like, but know for sure It’s not my passion.  My attention span for some things is also limited, so . . .

I’ve decided to start playing around with a little design, a little experimentation, and with a little imagination and some magic pixie dust? I’ll be documenting it here. I don’t know what I’ll be doing it’s more of a “hey, that’s cool I wanna attempt it at least once”

So I’ve started a ‘category’ called ‘Design’ and all my experiments will be categorized there.  So maybe once I learn a bunch of cool stuff I can actually know what I want to use it for  🙂


polar coordinated distortion & liquify

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