~ I’m Not a Gamer, but . . .

I’m not a big gamer, but I do get into games for a while.  I played World of Warcraft for a while, but then I kind of got tired of it.  I started it back up again for a while but then stopped again.  Gary on the other hand is a gamer guy, but usually plays one game at a time for long (loooong) periods of time.

SO, several months ago, before I started WoW up again, I was researching games and found one I really wanted to play.  Only thing – it wasn’t out yet.

Time passed, I played WoW, and then stopped, and kind of forgot about Aion.  WELL, today Gary totally surprised me and got me the pre-order trial and I am SO super excited about it.  Well, right now I’m waiting for it to download.  And waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . .

I KNOW it’s more cost effective, etc, etc, and they are always updating, etc, etc, and it’s beta and not out yet, etc, ect, but I sooooo want to play already.

ok, well I’m at 24% download, so I am going to go read up on it, but check out the trailer (there is a short advertizement you have to sit thru) and I’ll let you know how it is . . . er . . . that is if I’m not too busy playing 😛

And the Aion website has screenshots and videos too if you want to check that out.

Oh yeah, and I’m not a good blogger, but I’m going to try and post more.  I have a bunch to post, but I don’t take the time to write.  So leave comments . . . that gets me to blog more *wink* 😉

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