~ What would you do with a billion dollars? . . . two?

Mukesh Ambani (#5 Forbes ) is building a house . . . a house named Antilla . . .
A 2 Billion dollar 27-story sky scraper, but not much if you hold a net worth of 43 billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine.

550 feet high, 4,00,000 square feet interior space and no floor is alike. There are 6 floors for parking his own collection of 168 cars, 1 floor for servicing those cars, hanging gardens, a home theater to seat 50 people, a swimming pool, a 2 story health center, and 3 helipads on top once/if they get permission to operate.

Of course for a house this size requires a staff (of 600) for him, his wife, 3 children and his mother.

You can read the rest of the details on these sites or you can do your own Google Search 🙂

Google Search Links (additional photos and information) HERE

If you like, leave a comment on what you would do with a billion dollars 😛

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