Law and Order with New Detective!

Gary and I are big fans of Law and Order, and Law and Order Special Victims Unit. The original show now longer has detective Green, and it’s usually hard to get used to new people in a series which can ruin the whole show for me, but I love the new addition. Actor Anthony Anderson is great in his role as detective Kevin Bernard. I saw him originally in his role in Transformers which I loved him in, and it was also a perfect role for him.

So I Twitter-ed that I was watching Law and Order but I thought It was post-worthy and I needed a short break from a project I am working on 🙂

They still need to get a pro-photo for him for his role in Law and Order, but so far there have only been 4 episodes.
old detective green with new detective bernard

this is the best they have?

Check out more photos and about the show on the website:

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