~ Baby Black Australian Swans

Gary and I went to a friends’ house tonight and I got some photos of their baby black Australian swans which are so adorable. The daddy (also known as prince albert) was staring me down behind the fence and tried biting me through the fence slats (though I would too if I were a swan and someone was near my babies).


The babies and mommy:


I Loved the colour on these male mandarin ducks:


I forgot what type of duck these are, but they are really beautiful:


Afterwards, we went to Wildflower Pizza, and had an OMG yummy pizza with 14 toppings!! I had the half with 12 toppings, but Still! That is the most toppings I have had on a pizza ever! It was so good though!

2 thoughts on “~ Baby Black Australian Swans

  1. susanne49 says:

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, Sue-Leigh. Yes, come down to Charleston one day, it’s a absolutely pretty and an amazing town. You (and your camera!) will not regret the visit, I promise you.:-)

    I’m reading your blog with RSS…

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