More from Safira’s Shoot

Here are some more shots from last Monday’s shoot with Safira:

She has great long legs!

This was a “just for fun” picture, but it turned out well 🙂


not planned, but another “fantasy” shot

3 thoughts on “More from Safira’s Shoot

  1. rmb says:

    they’re all great – i think i like the one with the tree the best. she is a lovely young lady – as all your models are.

  2. Lisa Bettany says:

    wow sue-leigh your photos are breathtaking! i am always excited to find another passionate photographer’s blog with technical tips and personal tidbits… it’s quite rare to find the whole package.

    i’m glad that you’ve chosen to watermark your photos. i have thought a lot about watermarks and when and how i should use them. i thought that a watermark might distract from the content of a photo, but in your case, i think it adds a level of professionalism. i also love the black border that you put around the photos.

    i look forward to checking out more of your site.

    happy 4th of July!

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