Now accepting donations to the Sue-Leigh car repair fund!

haha, well just kidding. It looks like my car needs a new alternator and new tires. We checked two different locations and the alternators are anywhere between $148 and $208, and tires are about $400-ish? *sigh* as soon as you get one thing something else breaks and of course it had to (almost) go right after the warranty expired on my car. o well 🙂

ANYWAY, I haven’t been doing a lot of fashion shoots since it’s soooo hot out, but I am still doing them here and there. I had a shoot today (and of course it was really hot/humid out today) , but check back later for photos from the shoot!

We were shooting near a lake, and there were three ducks on the back of three paddle boats all in a row which was so just so cute!


One thought on “Now accepting donations to the Sue-Leigh car repair fund!

  1. Thuy says:

    sue-leigh! (^___^)
    love your site! i haven’t been by here for awhile, but i was very impressed while browsing your photography today! i’m so proud of you, girl. you definitely have great artistic talent… i love all the photos. i’m looking forward to doing a shoot with you in the future before you get too bigshot & forget about the lil’ people. haha. 😛
    i miss you. i’ve been busy working this summer doing pro bono immigration legal work at the catholic charities & preparing to take the MPRE next month. ugh. we need to catch up when time permits. call or email me whenever, k? keep up the great work! hope you & gary are doing wonderfully.

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