Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there!  Gary and I celebrated at his parents house with burgers on the grill and hanging out at their house for a bit.

Saturday I saw The Last Mimsy with my mom at Raleighwood cinema which was fun, and the movie was cute.  I might be seeing Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer with a friend of mine this week and we have friends coming over for dinners, the usual stuff that goes on during the week and all.  But keep checking back for more updates and photos!  I might be attending a fashion show later this week.

One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Beth says:

    Sounds like a good chill Father’s Day. Neither of us actually paid our dads a visit, but we did the next best thing – a phone call!
    You and Gary certainly have a lot of dinner parties! You’ve done so much work on that kitchen and you have that great stove…it’s great to hear you’re getting some good use out of it.

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