Last Minute trip to Miami

So my friends grandfather died last thursday and she called me on friday to tell me her news. Plane tickets are rediculously expensive for last minute flights out, and she wanted to go to the funeral which is on Sunday and she can’t drive the whole way down by herself since it’s a 12 hour straight drive down. So I said if you can’t find a cheap flight (and I looked for flights as well) I said I would drive down with her. So we left Saturday evening around 10:30pm.

Worked out well since Gary got back in from Denver on Friday and we had all day Saturday (minus a few hours with my friend at the rose garden) and she had to finish up some things in town before we left. Plus Gary was leaving for Denver again early the next morning anyway.

Gary and I had dinner at Kanki and walked around the mall a bit, then we went to Advance Auto Parts (or maybe it was Auto Zone?) got new windshield wipers, and the drivers side light replaced. Oh and a new car scent dangly . . . a strawberry since they were out of dolphins 🙂 then my friend picked me up and we were on the road.

In the morning when I packed, and the cats kept on getting into or on my luggage, which was very cute:



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