Coconut Grove Arts Festival

So when we arrived in Florida at our destination, it was around 10:30am. We got to my friend’s sisters place and then went out for some food, real cuban food which was really good, and they should know -they’re cuban. I went to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival while my friend went to see her family and go to the Wake.

This was a hotel on my walk to the festival:


a lot of different kinds of artists out


This was pretty cool. One artist makes sculptures of people that are extremely life-like, but not made of wax. They looked like those “live-models”, people that stand in store windows pretending to be manequins. These manequins were pretending to be alive -haha It was very cool . . . you could even see the pores of the skin, and the eyes were very life-like.



I love how there were people selling beer and mixed drinks as well as other usual foods . . . you won’t find that at the local Lazy Daze


This is my fave 😀



we leave tomorrow after the funera . . . I was hoping to stop my Miami Ink (Gary and I really like the show), but I’m not sure if we will have time . . .

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