New Toys for Maximus

So during my lunch break today I went to the closest pet store near my work and got a plant for the aquarium and a bridge (with smooth sides).

I placed the plant in the far right corner and then the bridge digaonally in that corner so Maximus has a nice little cave and the moss flosts around mostly on the right side of the aquarium. Then I bought some freeze dried brine shrimp which he loves (and a little goes a Long way!)

SO Recap:
betta fish (red male) = $3.50
Aquatic Gardens Delux Plastic Aquarium with Lid
= $9.99 (Medium11.5″W X 8″D X 8″H)
moss = free (from co-worker)
Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Food = $2 something
Betta Safe by Tetra water conditioner = $3/$4
plant = $1.49
bridge= $4.49
brine shrimp by Hikari = $7.49
hydor mini heater = $14.99
submersible thermometer = $2.99

But now I have a happier Maximus 🙂
So you must know by now we spoil our other pets too -haha

this pic was taken with my cell phone camera and i know its kind of dark in the office so a little hard to see

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