I might be on T.V.!?

I went to a taping of a TV show last night with a friend of mine and we were sitting right behind the judges!

Everyone had to sign a release form for if you were caught on tape that they could use your image, etc, etc. I can’t tell you what show, and I can’t tell you who the final 5 winners were that were “one step closer” to becoming ________., but the show is in its 3rd season.

The celebrity guests judges were Hal Sparks (star of “Queer As Folk” on Showtime and VH-1’s “I Love the 80’s”) and Kim Coles (from the TV show “Livin Single”).

I’ll let you know when the tv show airs ’cause I want to see if we are in the studio audience 😀

Though I doubt it will be any time too soon.

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