Mountains to Sea Trail 7 Mile and Eno 3.5 Mile Hike

This weekend we hiked 7 miles on Saturday on another section of the Mountains to Sea Trail, and Sunday we hiked one of the trails we had done before at the Eno.

I like how the one sections we hiked looks like a ghost 🙂


The section of mountains to sea trail was great. Not only was the weather nice, there were bathrooms half way! We don’t usually get that on our hikes (haha).

There was also the dam we stopped at and saw some people fishing, and one guy kayaking in the water.


There were a lot of trees down from the wind and rain we had earlier in the week. The mountains to sea trail had larger trees down than the Eno trail that blocked the trail a lot more than these photos (taken at the Eno)


We had done the Eno trail before, about two months ago, and it seemed a little more difficult then. We did basically the same trail but went the other way around the loop.

Still a few inclines and stairs but we definitely felt better this time around.


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