Birthday Weekend at Christmas Town!

This weekend, I went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens with Gary. It was nice chilly weather in the 40’s, perfect for the Christmas feeling.

They had lots of lights and Christmas trees. Each section had different light colour themes. Italy was mostly gold lights, Germany was multi coloured, etc.

We waited in line for a really long time, like an hour to see the penguin ice palace which was basically a few penguins in small pens. So not worth the wait, but everything else was great.

Most of the rides were closed but they did have their new Verbolten roller coaster open which was awesome. It made us want to go back in the spring when all the rides are open 🙂


Sunday, we went to the Colonial Pancake House for breakfast and then went to historic Jamestown and Yorktown.

At Jamestown, we saw the ships, the Powatan Indian Village, had a long conversation at the armoury with a really knowledgable guy about guns, cannons, etc


Afterwards we went to Yorktown and saw an artillery demonstration which included a canon demo. Then we learned about what was available medically for the troops, and Gary got his picture with George Washington 🙂


We saw the homes, kitchen house, tobacco building, and kitchen garden that they actually use and cook over the fire with or dry the vegetables at the kitchen house

It was a really fun trip overall and really nice to spend time with Gary since he has been working a lot lately.


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