New Decor

Today, when in was out shopping, I stopped in at Kirklands where they had Christmas decor out. It was a last minute thought to find something pretty and sparkly for my desk.

At first I thought of getting a mini/small Christmas tree, then I saw some cute metal and sequined gift boxes that were lit from the inside. I thought then that I wanted something that I could use a year round because I didn’t want to store a holiday decoration, so I found this lit cherry blossom tree. It’s even prettier in person and the photo on the Kirklands website doesn’t do it justice. The photo on the left is from their website and the photo on the right is one I took at the store.

When I was at target the other day I saw a light dimmer attachment which I might get to change the brightness for mood :). I think I will keep this on my desk for the holidays and then put it on the drawers in my bedroom for the rest of the year!


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