Canon Selphy CP780 vs Selphy CP900

Owning a Selphy CP780 for over a year or two, and having an iPhone for about a year, I had been wanting a Selphy printer that would allow me to wirelessly transfer photos to print from my iPhone.

First of all, why a Selphy?

  • The photos I print are for grandparents and other members of the family that don’t have a computer.
  • Portability to bring a photo printer on vacation to write above family members postcards (KP-36IP) in down time at the hotel
  • The ability to create card sized photo stickers (KC-18IF)
  • The ability to print (8) mini stickers (KC-18IL)
  • lasting over a year for a printer that costs in the $100 range is a good investment for me

Finally, Canon released the Selphy CP900 which can now print wirelessly, so here are the Pros and Cons I noticed, being a previous Selphy printer owner.

PROs of the CP900:

  • The overall body is basically the same size, but more square and flat on top and seems lighter
  • wifi printing was easy to set up
  • able to print photos from my iphone (though, at the moment, it seems to only print one photo at a time even if a different layout is selected on the printer)
  • the paper and cartridges are the same as the CP780, so you won’t have to buy new paper or “ink”
  • mini flip up screen is a nice bonus so you don’t have to rotate the whole printer up to see the flush screen on the CP780 (though a Con might be that you will have to be careful when grabbing the printer so as not to flip up the screen and put stress on that weakness point.

CONs of the CP900:

  • The paper cassettes are a different size from the CP7800 (shorter and a different fit) which is fine if you have never owned a Selphy but annoying to have to purchase a second set of the card size cassettes (PCC-CP400) for the new printer.  I ordered two card sized cassettes from the Canon website, one for the stickers (eight on one page), and one for the card size sheets.  For me, its more convenient to switch out the cassettes versus the paper.  They arrived quickly, which is definitely a plus.
  • While the battery used for the CP 7800 is the same for the CP900, there is yet another adapter (CG-CP200 Charger Adapter) to have to purchase for $80 which makes it so the battery does not fit on the printer like it does on the CP7800 (another cord to have to carry).  Likely due to the small fan in the back of the new printer needed for the WiFi connection usage.

Overall, am I happy with my purchase?  Definitely.  Now I can print photos from my phone and print them directly, can edit my photos on my phone, use Diptic to create a mini collage and print them on postcards.

Am I going to keep the old model printer?  I’m not sure yet -haha

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