Date Night at the Theater


I had gotten a voucher for two free tickets from a friend to the theater, so Gary and I went to see Cat on A Hot Tin Roof.  Normally I only go to plays that are classics or that I have heard of, but we tried a new one.  This one was by Tennessee Williams, and apparently one of his best known.  I have not seen the movie.

The first act was (as seen above) in a bedroom setting.  We couldn’t get into the play . . . the first act lasting an hour  until intermission was basically the woman talk, talk, talking, and the guy mostly grunting and drinking.  Then the two of them were smoking in between quarreling, and I felt like we were just watching a married couple argue.  After the first 15 minutes of her talking and nattering on, all I could think of is, “no wonder the guy keeps drinking”.

We didn’t stay for the last two acts, so I don’t know if it got any better.  Gary and I got dinner instead and joked about the part of the play we did see and then went home so he could do laundry and pack.

I really appreciate our friend giving us the voucher . . . to bad there weren’t any other options because I have liked the plays put on in the past by the theater we went to.

Either way, it was a good evening we still talk about.

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