Overflow, Basketball, Broken

20120210-220211.jpgEvery morning, we use the restroom upstairs.  Every morning, I go downstairs to feed the pets and let them out.  Yesterday morning, I heard water gushing – and it was too loud to not be investigated.

Our downstairs toilet was overflowing!  I rushed to turn off the water nozzle at the base of the toilet.  Gary was already at work, so I called him to ask what should be done.  The suggestion to lift the plug in the tank in the back resulted in MORE water overflowing, so that didn’t work.  I turned the water off to the whole house.

I have a small wet/dry shop vac I use for picking up pet hair, so I took the dry filter off and started sucking up water with it.  Love that thing.  This is the one I have for the house HERE.  Anyway, to keep it short, we had to have a sewer guy come out and snake the pipes outside.  Then we had to have the City come out and they were able to snake what the sewer guy couldn’t.

In the evening we went to an nc state woman’s basketball game  with my parents.  When we got home, 20120210-220312.jpgapparently one of our cats (I think the one that likes my purses) had knocked over my make-up bag that was on the bathroom counter.  I opened up the compact this morning, and the mirror had broken -__-

I bought two replacements today.

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