Charleston, S.C.

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Today I went to South Carolina for a mini vacation. I get into moods where I like going on day trips or weekend trips to somewhere new by myself. I like finding new places, and I like going wherever I want spontaneously.

In the morning around 10am (10시쯤) I went to the South Carolina Aquarium (수족관) and stayed for a few hours. I started with the behind the scenes tour, which was neat. I got to go to the third floor and see where the food is prepped for the animals. I was the only one that signed up for the 10:30 (10시 반에) time slot, so I got a private tour 🙂

We went to the kitchen area to see where everything is prepped to restaurant grade quality, and I learned about how they give the fish their medicine in a jello-like formula, and I saw them adding iodine powder to some of the kril.

The aquariums water bill for pumping in fresh water is 40k a month . . . saltwater is pumped in front the harbor and filtered, water tested, and adjusted as needed.

We went to the quarantine room where there were several pools for fish when they need medicine, new fish for acclamation, etc.

I though it was really interesting that they feed the sharks individually to make sure they all get fed evenly with color coded cards – they are trained in the quarantine tank before going into the exhibit tanks.

I also got to see the great ocean tank from above where the volunteer scuba divers were getting ready for their 11:00 show explaining how the help clean the tank etc. I learned that the barracudas in the tank swim 35mph.

South Carolina Aquarium


Fleet Landing

For lunch I went to Fleet Landing and ate outside. Still a bit cold, but nice with my back to the sun, it was perfect. I had grilled salmon and green beans.

Fleet Landing Restaurant


After lunch, I went to Market street and walked around the shops, walked along the waterfront, and checked out the architecture.
Downtown Map:



One thought on “Charleston, S.C.

  1. Robyn says:

    really a lovely video – the crab almost looked like he was dancing! i hope that you will do more of these in the future – shows a lot of talent!

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