Bingo Night

20120115-121519.jpgLast night I met my friend and some of her friends for Bingo. The money was being raised for AIDS cure and awareness.

Funny story though . . . I got to the location 15 minutes before my friend and I planned on meeting 6:00pm, the event started at 7pm.  She was 5 minutes away, but texted me when she was walking towards the door.  I said i was going in and that I was on the 3rd floor.  She said, “what 3rd floor?”  So I thought I was at the wrong place even though I was  a place that also had bingo and asked several people if this is where bingo is supposed to be.  I thought there was another place that was having bingo that night, so I met her 5 minutes from me downtown at location number 2.

I met her downtown and we walked to the second location location door . . . turns out that is where is bingo used to be held but the first place I was at was actually correct!  So we drove back again -lol

Good thing we planned on meeting an hour ahead of time 🙂

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