Kidney Oncologist Update

We met with the Kidney Oncologist yesterday (Monday 7/18/2011)

The pathology came back and my dad’s kidney cancer is the most common type – not a rare type or anything which is good.

Labs/bloodwork came back and they were fabulous, perfect even.
Hemoglobin, LDH, and calcium markers were normal which puts him in a better risk group which allows him to be on a chemotherapy pill, and not an IV drip.

He will begin his Chemo pill next week after his radiation treatment which is this week (tues/wed/thurs) and he will likely be on it indefinitely.

He will be monitored after the radiation with another scan at some point. 3 weeks to check how everything is going with his medication and again in 2 months to check on his kidney and likely another scan to check the progress of his brain.

The Kidney Oncologist told me that it was really great that my dad was even a candidate for the cyber knife targeted treatment radiation (versus whole brain radiation treatment), and she wasn’t expecting his lab work to come back so great which allows him to be on a chemo pill which is portable and doesn’t require him to have to go to the hospital to get each treatment.

We are still taking everything day by day, and prayers from all are so appreciated.

Dinner with my Parents

20110719-044355.jpg Last night also, Gary, Adrienne and I went to my parents house for dinner where we flew the helicopters I got at Brookstone on sale, had dinner, watched a movie, fixed my moms computer,

20110719-050507.jpgand I put together a plane I got in Virginia. We are going to fly it in a large open field at some point soon, along with another plane my dad had made for me when I was little ^^

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