Doctor Visits for Dad and the Car

Yesterday I took my parents in for my dad’s MRI, and today we had an appointment to get the mask and scans done

The way it was explained to me was: picture a flat wire mesh, like a tennis racket that they soak in warm water that conforms so it dries in the shape of your head. This will help hold my dads head very still when they do the cyber-knife (radiation) treatments. Three treatments each an hour long starting next week that are crisscross-ing beams to target each area internally.

They took blood before doing the scans to check his creatnine for his kidney function, and his levels were good.

When I dropped them off, I ran a couple errands before returning to work.  One was to bring one of our cars in to get the seat re-calibrated and they gave me a Hyundai Sonata to use while it was in the shop.  Luckily, I only had it for 5 hours . . . though I still do miss my Tiburon

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