Second Set of Doctors (의사)

We met with more doctors today to discuss options. Radiation, chemo, cyber knife (which is a type of radiation), and surgery. Some options are not as recommended, while others are. There is risk with all of them because they are dealing with the brain.

Their review of the MRI is that there are lesions in the back of the brain, over the left ear, and possibly another small one. There is cancer that is in the bone, kidney, brain, and lungs.

The best option it seems for now is to go with the cyber knife (3 treatments each an hour long) and then start treating the kidney with Chemo. It will depend on how my dad’s body reacts to all this treatment and we will see how things go from there.

We go for an MRI tomorrow and then a meeting with one of the doctors do discuss the pan for cyber knife on Friday.

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