Korean Beauty Masks at Forever 21

I don’t usually shop at Forever 21 since I’m really not in the target market for that store, but I was there the other day with a friend shopping for jewelry for a wedding we are going to.

Standing in the checkout line, they have boxes of stuff that doesn’t cost a lot for you to peruse for last minute impulse purchase, and I was looking at the beauty masks when I realized that they are Korean. Who woulda thought?

I got a few, such as the Deep Moisture Hand Mask, Ultra Repairing Foot Mask, and two Skin Recover Facial Masks (one green tea, and one pearl).  The foot masks are neat, they look like little sock slippers with product on the inside, so you cut the top open and slide your foot in.  The hand masks were a little harder, since they were wet glove like things and then you slip on a plastic glove over it and tape them shut.  I needed help with those.  The facial masks have eye, nose, and mouth pieces cut out and you wear them on your face.  Simon and Martina on YouTube did a video blog on the ones they found in Korea Here

They were between $1.80 and $2.80 depending on the treatment and the Instructions on the back of these are in Korean and English 🙂

Here is the Company’s Website: www.adwin.co.kr
Forever 21’s Website: ‘Glamorous Essentials

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