~ Congratulations Erich and Stephanie

We found out last week, that our friends are expecting their second child.  This time a baby boy.

Gary was the one that found out actually, I was at the store – so I made them a congratulations card.

Friends and family of the couple know that Stephanie is a fan of giraffes.  I think they own almost every single child themed giraffe item available (with the exception of a life sized version), so I themed the baby card around giraffes.

The pattern on the front of the card is taken from an actual giraffe for authenticity.  I’m sure he/she wouldn’t mind 🙂

3 thoughts on “~ Congratulations Erich and Stephanie

  1. Stephanie Fabricius says:

    The card was gorgeous! (and very quick to arrive!).

    As far as the life size giraffe … the Putt-Putt on Avent Ferry Rd. did close. Wonder if that one is available? 🙂 Haha!

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