~ The Perfect Craft Cart

SO, I’ve been working on projects and such and needed a space to store certain things.  I went on an internet and in store search for something with the features I needed.

I looked at office supplies, tupperware storage, bookshelves, to rolling furniture, and eventually found what I wanted when I was in Target.  I like searching for things that work and are not always what they are intended for.

This kitchen cart is exactly what I needed. 
Apparently Gary wasn’t thrilled with the very poor directions and small graphics but it’s put together and even more perfect than I was expecting.

I have my tools and supplies in the drawer in clear boxes that are actually clear photo storage boxes that I picked up from Michaels.

The top shelf is a wine rack, but fits 12×12 books of paper PERFECTLY.

The wire basket I have larger tools, small boxes of things, ribbon if I had it, and other stuff . . . it would have my sticker maker if I could find it.

The bottom shelf I have my boxes of paper scraps and individual sheets in the clear box that I got on sale at Michaels, and stickers, embellishments, and such in the pink box that I picked up at Archiver’s.

Here’s a side view, though I have since added more to the cart so its not as empty as this photo shows.  I love the rolling wheels and the size and distance of the shelves.  Definitely perfect for what I needed.

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