* Mulholland Scenic Parkway Drive

On Saturday, we took a drive along the pacific coast highway with a great view of . . . well, the pacific coast (through Malibu).

Then we drove up through the mountains and stopped along the Mulholland Senic Parkway, which was gorgeous, especially seeing the ocean from the mountains. The photo with this post was taken at one of the lookout points.

We also drove through Beverly Hills, and saw the very well known Hollywood sign – that isn’t as big as it appears in movies, but I heard there was a trail that brings you closer to the sign. Next time I’ll bring sneakers 🙂

No rain on the weekend, sunny but still cool. I’m looking forward to going back and hopefully do more in better weather. There were a lot of things we had planned on doing that were outdoor activities that wouldn’t have been much fun in the rain.

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