~ Oktoberfest Recap

Did you see my post about Oktober First?  We did indeed celebrate.  Tonight I went over to my parents house (Gary had to work this weekend -bummer) to have our own private mini Oktoberfest celebration.  We had sauerkraut, German potato salad my dad made, pumpernickel bread, and lots of other yummies.  I brought over some nummies that I picked up from Aldi after Hannah gave me the spätzle for my dad.  It’s a supermarket that had a nice selection of German snacks and foods.  They don’t have a lot of those all year round, so if you want to stock up, do it now . . . but note, they only take cash or debit and don’t have disposable grocery bags, so bring your reusable grocery bags!

I quickly took these snapshots right before running out the door . . . I think I got everything.  We had the white asparagus and the marble marzipan cake for dinner and dessert, and some of the peanut puffs while we watched a movie.

My mom sent me this quiz, ‘Are You Über-smart About Oktoberfest?
I’m an “Honorary German Citizen”, 8 out of 10 correct.  -woo

oktoberfest snacks

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