~ I Was in the ER

erLast week, I was in the Emergency Room.

It was about 9:30am and all of a sudden I had these horrific stomach pains.  I could barely move, I almost wanted to die.  Well, not really, but it was pretty friggen bad.

I called my doctor and they were all booked up and said to go to the ER and follow up with them later.  I was barely able to drive myself there, and luckily I had a Target bag with no holes in it, and a hand towel.  -yeah I know, gross

Once I got to the ER, I would feel better and then think “I’m ok, I can leave now”, and then the horrible pain would be back and I decided to stay.  Gary met me there and everytime I thought I was ok to go, the pain would come back once again.  And bad pain.  As the hours passed and passed, the time in between pains lengthened.

They finally saw me  and turns out I had some sort of food poisoning.  I have never had food poisoning before, so now I know what it feels like.  But you never know, it could have been something bad.  So I went home finally around 3:30pm.  Most of my time there was just sitting around, but I slept when I got home and was better the next day.

So don’t worry (mom) 🙂 it wasn’t a biggie.

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