~ Labour Day Weekend . . . w/ a Trip to the NC Art Museum

Yes, I know it was 3 days ago, but I’m just getting back into the week just to get ready for the weekend again 🙂

On Saturday, Gary and I went to the Art Museum.  Sunday was the last day the “old” art museum is going to be open.  They’ve been building a NEW art museum.  Bigger, better, solar powered, white, shiny, windowed glass building.  They are keeping the old one too, but you won’t be able to check out the snazzy-ness til sometime in April of 2010 -but- you can check out the building and photos on their website http://ncartmuseum.org

art museum

added image on 9/12/09 around 7:00pm
this is what we saw when we were walking to the old building . . . a view of the new building in progress:

art museum under construction

2 thoughts on “~ Labour Day Weekend . . . w/ a Trip to the NC Art Museum

  1. Cathleen says:

    Personally, I do not like the new building. I think it looks like a concrete bunker; an unfinished concrete bunker. When it first started going up I thought, cool, its going to be underground. Nope. Just a big ugly concrete bunker that I have to drive past twice a day and run past on Sundays.

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