~ OMG, These are the F*&^ing Best!

hickory bbq riblets *Heaven* on a bun, on the plate,  . . . the first time I had it plain, not on a roll . . . ooooooh myyyyyy goooooosh.  These are so friggen awesome, and Gary, who isn’t vegetarin loves these too.  They are great on kaiser rolls.  No extra sauces or anything needed.  The box says to heat them for 3.5 to 4 minutes, but our microwave cooks them in 2 minutes just fine (don’t over cook them or any vegetarian “meat” for that matter)

It’s almost like a bbq texture, no bone (obviously) with a delicious hickory sauce . . . . mmmmmm . . .  yumminess!

Our local grocery store was out of these almost all last week, so either these are reeeeeealy popular or they need to get more shipments in more often.  They stocked up when I went today so we now have four boxes in our freezer and I’m sure I will be getting more next week, since they only have 2 packs per box, but they are OH SO worth it!


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