~ Raleigh Restaurant Week (August 24th – 30th 2009)

Thinking about an evening out with some fabulous friends or your sweetie?  Check out Downtown Raleigh’s Restaurant Week all this week from August 24th – 30th.  My friend Katherine told me about it last Thursday/Friday(?)

You get a choice of restaurants with menus specifically for this event.  Some have a fixed menu, some have a fixed menu where you can choose your three courses.  Check out the participating restaurants under the ‘Restaurants’  link, and you can check out the menus.

I’m going with a bunch of girls to a restaurant I haven’t tried yet, but I will definitely post about it since I have heard good things about the food and atmosphere, but that it was fruffy and overpriced.  So for $30, I am all about trying it out with the girls 🙂


2009 restaurant week

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