~ Smile!

I don’t know what I think about when I sleep, and I don’t hear what’s going on when I’m asleep.  But evidently I grind my teeth and I never knew it until Gary told me one day.  So, the last time I was at my dentist, I got fitted for a night guard and I got to keep my teeth 😀  I had a set of these taken when I got my braces oh-so-long-ago, but my dentist at the time kept it on file, and then I went to a “grown up” dentist so I never got to see or keep them.  I also got some whitening trays made from these baby’s so I should be all set for now.  So check out my grill . . . my dentist says I have a beautiful smile.  Thanks mom and dad for the braces . . . they were a great investment.


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