~ Gary’s Birthday Recap

IMG00079Gary’s Birthday celebrating began last saturday at Ted’s Montana grill.  I wasn’t able to make the dinner, but I was able to make it to dessert at twisted fork!

About half of us then went to sammy’s, and then later to pr’s where we stayed out til 2am, and then went home and crashed, since I had been up since 3:45am and on the road.

Sunday, we celebrated with my parents, with a carvel cake with my mom’s drawing of fudgie the whale since a fudgie the whale cake is too big for 4.

Monday, we went to a mexican place for dinner and then to pick up Gary’s surprise birthday present!  Ask Gary the next time you see him if you want to know what it is . . . he should have it with him 😉

Tonight, we just got in from celebrating with Gary’s parents with a yummy snickers bar cake 😀

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