~ Planning Home Rennovations!

It all started because I wanted the tv on the other side of the room.  Wires had to be re-wired with the help of our good friend Erich.

I can’t take all the credit for the WHOLE house remodeling  ideas . . . We decided to stay in this house a few years longer than originally planned  . . . Here’s how it went down . . .

It would be nice to brighten up the house . . .

Gary:  We should paint the chair railing, crown molding, and baseboards white in the living room, dining room and kitchen . . . the dark makes the house look so dated/old.

Sue-Leigh:  Well, if we are painting those, we should re-paint the room colours to some lighter shades

Gary:  If we are painting and moving furniture, I would like to get rid of the popcorn on the ceiling and paint the ceilings white before we paint the walls

Sue-Leigh:  Can we add those cabinets in the laundry room like we talked about a while ago?  and I’d like pedestal sinks in all the bathrooms

Gary:  If we are putting in pedestal sinks, now is the time to actually do the floors in the bathroom and the adjoining kitchen that we never got to do when we first moved in.

Sue-Leigh:  Can we replace the counters since they don’t look nice and every time I clean them, they still look dingy and the cabinets make the kitchen so dark . . .

Gary:  What if we used the breakfast nook and put in cabinets and a counter top

Sue-Leigh:  oooh!  can we put in a little sink? and is there anything we can do with the horrible deep and small pantry?

and so forthe . . . so we’re doing a lot of home renovations and eventually moving to the upstairs.  Painting, refreshing, moving, new vinyl siding, windows, and a new AC/heater.  A lot of work for us but it will be so great when we’re done!

We’re taking out the inset pantry and adding more useable and larger pantry space and actually being able to use the “breakfast nook”  taking the double windows out and putting in a window for above the counter.

Gary gave the dimensions to the knowledgeable cabinet guy at home depot and he put together a mock up of what we want to do.

We’re very excited!



Check back for before and after photos, and tips from experience if you decide to do some home rennovations of your own 🙂

3 thoughts on “~ Planning Home Rennovations!

  1. Wood Crown Molding says:

    … and to think it all started with the movement of the TV. My mothers friends told a similar story about how the changing of a light bulb inspired him to entirely re-do his kitchen!

    I’m sure it’s going to look great when it’s done. Enjoy!


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