spot-shot + bissell-fiber-cleasing+bissell-power-steamer-power-brush = clean carpets!

Tonight I spent the evening steam cleaning the carpets.  Not my favourite event for an evening, but none the less, it had to be done.

As this whole process was going along, I was reminded about how much I love my carpet cleaner.

I spot shot-ed any spots and left it for a few minutes.  I especially love the aerosol version because my hand cramps up after using those squirt bottles if I’m doing more than one spot.  It’s also less drippy/messy, only about $3 a can, and works fabulously.  I have 3 cans in my closet this very minute 🙂

I use the Bissell Fiber Cleansing Solution in the Power Steamer Power Brush carpet cleaner and steam clean away.  I’ve had this carpet cleaner for a year or so and it’s still going strong.  It’s a model that doesnt auto heat the water, but you put the hottest tap water in the basin possible.  Works great.


I also cleaned the bathroom which isn’t that exciting either, but just a “shout out” to Comet cleaner.  Its my favourite for the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks (as needed).  It’s pretty powerful stuff, so I wear latex gloves when cleaning, but its great for when your sinks need more than just a spray with the 409 🙂 and at around 50 cents a container, I think I have one under every bathroom sink and one under the kitchen sink 🙂

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