~ <3’s Weekend

It’s been a while since Valentine’s Day fell on a weekend, but what a lovely weekend it has been. While I don’t think Valentine’s day is a major holiday and kind of unnecessary it’s an extra little oomph day of being together with the one you love. Gary is the kind of guy that does stuff for me every day. His thoughtfulness is seen in little things, like bringing me something home from the grocery store, going to get a new movie for me from blockbuster when I don’t want to go out, or even just going downstairs for something for me. But even with all of that, we didn’t exchange cards, candy, or flowers, but he planned a fun day of just being together.

Our Saturday started with breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts and the purchase of a newspaper. Our Valentine’s day was going to be spent going to open houses and going to yard sales if we happened to see any – which we didn’t . . . it was almost like a mini-vacation when you spend hours in a car together on a car trip making random funny comments and jokes to each other.

We ordered pizza in and watched movies together in the evening, and then went bowling with our friends which was so fun! Sunday we hung out together. He played his online games, I worked, we watched movies, and he made his delicious chili! What a beautiful ending to a fabulous weekend!


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