~ Early Birthday Gifts!

My birthday isn’t for another couple of weeks, but Gary wanted to give it to me early a few days ago and I’m so glad he did!  A co-worker of his  who plays tennis and knows about rackets and such helped him pick out rackets based on grip and size for myself and Gary got one as well as a dual case for the rackets and balls (some of which were pink in support of breast cancer research as well as my racket which for some reason looks more purple in the photo, but it is more pink 🙂 )

I had been mentioning how I wanted to get back into playing, and I thought he would enjoy it as well.  Indeed he has!  Tonight he said that he didn’t know he would truly enjoy it as much as he does!  We have tennis courts right down the street from us, so we have been playing every night so far.

We’re looking forward to playing more and getting better 😉

wilson-racket1 pink-wilson1

4 thoughts on “~ Early Birthday Gifts!

  1. Kerri says:

    I’m glad you got to enjoy your new birthday gift! It is torrentially raining and cold, and windy here…..I wish I could go up the steet and play tennis! The ice skating rink up the street from us has been open for a month…..but that is so…..wintery! Happy early birthday! Hope you have a great one!

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