~ Unavailable Until November 3rd

It’s a Friday, and I am already “on vacation”  well at least my mind is – and not like other Fridays.  My wonderful husband and I will be relaxing on a Caribbean Cruise for the next week and I will not have internet or phone service.  We leave for Miami bright and early in the morning tomorrow (actually dark at 4am).  We have a packed evening of shopping, picking up suits and pants, last minute things, laundry , packing, etc.

We have been ready for this trip since January of this year and in less than 24 hours we will be starting a fun,  relaxing, and warm! trip.  We’ve booked a few excursions, and I’m sure we will book more once we get on the ship.

All orders that came through have been sent out and should arrive this week.  Any orders placed next week will be processed when I return on Monday November 3rd and I will return your e-mails starting on Monday as well.

Check back later for posts and images from the Caribbean!
Any bets on if I will see Johnny Depp?  Pirates of the . . . ?  ok maybe not : )

updated post 10/24/08 8:17pm
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off to pack!

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