~ My New Toy!

I love my new toy!

I still have and love my blackberry but i also love a lot of the features on the ipod touch.

pros for the ipod touch but con for the blackberry:

  • music synced up with itunes and easy to purchase new music
  • connects to available wifi for internet and web browsing is a lot better
  • great for movies, games, photos

cons for the ipod but pros for the blackberry

  • better for e-mail, better app
  • typing for e-mail and texting is way faster with buttons
  • i can tether up to allow my laptop to get wireless
  • uses a standard firewire cable to connect

so i am all about having two devices.  it actually comes in super handy when i am on my blackberry and checking out the calendar on my iphone.  i’m sure i’ll think of more things to add to the pros and cons for each so i’ll add them as i think of them.

(p.s. creds to my mom for paying me for cutting her hair all at once so i could turn around and spend it on something i really wanted ever since i found out you could get internet on it – seeing Jane Johnson’s 🙂

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