~ A Birth, A Death, and a New Puppy

Last night, Gary and I went to see our friends’ new adorable baby girl. The past couple of years we have been going to friends weddings . . . and now as a few years have passed, we are starting the baby showers and birth’s part of our lives. We have been following friends with a personal blog of their twins and it doesn’t take them long to grow up before your eyes!

Some other friends of ours lost their dog a couple of weeks ago not long after they got their new puppy. One day she was ok, fell ill and died that day.

Times like these make you stop and think of the purpose of life and what happens after death. As long as we all do our best to be happy and make others happy – put the important things in life first and life life to the fullest, what more can we ask for?

Gary’s Grandad is going to have surgery for a lump that was found in his lung and you never know what can go wrong. Please pray for Gary’s grandad if you know him or not for a good surgery and a fast healing process. We appreciate the thoughts and prayers.


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