~ Another Reason Why I Love Pixel’s House

There are several types of homes you can get for a hamster. The one I chose (see post below) was a little pricey but well worth it! I’ll explain . . .

Last night I got a clear (so I could see him better) Run-About Ball (about $4).

Robo’s need a lot of attention if you want to hold them eventually, and even then it’s rare to be able to easily. I’m afraid of picking him up because I don’t want to hold him to tight, but then if I don’t hold him tight enough he will find a way out of my hands and onto the floor – and they are fast runners!

So! Why I love this house I got him. There are several options for houses (read about housing at the links below). This one is so cool because when Pixel went to run around in his wheel, I could actually take the wheel off and put the entry way into the clear ball’s entry way. There is also a divider between the house and the wheel to close access to/from the wheel. So moving him from his house to the ball and back again is fairly seamless as long as you tilt and are careful!

Looking at some of the other house options, the wheel was inside (less floor space) and it is hard to get them if they are in the “underground” section. If you go with the aquarium type, you may risk stressing out your hamster trying to either get him in the ball (scooping method) or trying to pick him up.

I figure if he wants to exercise in his wheel, he may as well exercise in the ball 🙂
I also don’t leave him in there for long periods of time since there is no food or water and he can get to like he can in his house . . . plus I’d rather not have to clean out poop. If you do though, I was told to use vinegar and water, not soap and water.

I also got something neat last night . . . while I got the premium fluff for him to burrow under, super odor absorbent and such, I also got (hoping it works) gerbil/hamster litter. It was $3 for a big bag, and instead of getting the plastic potty they can chew on, I got another (but tan) food dish. I think he

If you are interested in getting any kind of pet, it’s good to do your research, which I did. Some hamsters like to be held more than others, make sure you have one that is the right size for you and your home, make sure you have all the things they need before you get your hamster, etc.

I went to wikipedia and followed the links at the end of the article which helped. :


One thought on “~ Another Reason Why I Love Pixel’s House

  1. Kerri says:

    Hi Sue Leigh,

    Congrats on the new addition to your family! He is very cute, btw! When I had a hamster, named “Pooh”(I adopted him with that name), I had one of those clear plastic balls that he could run around the house with also. This provided endless hours of entertainment when paired with a cat. However, I found if I kept the ball in his cage so he could use it as his wheel (the metal wheels tend to be very squeeky), he would eat the plastic edges of the opening to the ball, which he didn’t have access to when the ball was enclosed….just an FYI incase Pixel likes to eat plastic hamster balls like Pooh did!

    In any event, good luck!

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