~ Maximus II is Gone . . .

Well, if you have been following my updates in the column to the right under ‘Sue-Leigh’s lifeStyLe upates! (Twitter)’ also known as my Twitter feed (http://twitter.com/sueleigh), you have read my second betta fish Maximus II was gradually dying. And this morning he was gone. Died and sunk in between the green moss in the tank.

Since I have already experienced Maximus I dying, this one wasn’t as bad . . . no tears but I am still a bit sad.

SO! Any ideas on a new fish? I could get another Betta fish, or get a filter and have 5 small fish, or as a friend suggested, I could get a hermit crab . . . but those are at the beach and I won’t be going there until December, and fish move more.

But now we’re talking about a Roborovski Hamster: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roborovski_hamster

aaah, well – “all pipes lead to the sea” -from ‘Finding Nemo’
Maximus is now in sea heaven.

Here is a photo from when I first got him:

One thought on “~ Maximus II is Gone . . .

  1. rmb says:

    i am so sorry about your losing your fish. any loss is hard, even if you’ve gone through it before. i would get a filter and have the 5 small fish – zebras are nice, cardinal or neon tetras are beautiful, guppies are indestructable.

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